Why to finally find time to write that blog, that never got written


Posted: 14th May 2020


So, I have to admit I’ve played the blog avoidance game for quite some time now, so I thought I’d share my 4 good reasons why you should finally get around to writing that long awaited blog. I’m going to guess this will resonate with other small business owners or those who don’t believe writing blogs will benefit their business, or the business they work for.


It’s been 6 years, 4 months and 4 days since I launched Talent Hive (I sound like a recovering alcoholic), and consistently over this time several marketing individuals that we have used have said, ‘write a blog Will, it’ll be good for your business Will’. Has Will ever written a blog in that time? No. Why? I wouldn’t say it’s through laziness or lack of ability (well, you can be the judge of that), but I simply manage to find a hundred and one other things to do rather than sit down and write a blog, partly down to not knowing where to start but mainly due to being a busy business owner and getting busy with making clients and candidates happy, staff training, accounts and making bang average cups of tea, I think you get the gist.


So… We’re currently in week 10 of COVID-19 lockdown, or is it week 11? Hell, I don’t even know what day it is let alone what week of lockdown we’re in but we’re firmly in the midst of lockdown. I’m not currently furloughed as Boris wouldn’t let me, but our clients and candidates are which makes recruitment quite a challenge. So, it’s either write a blog or tackle some DIY, and I hate DIY!


So, through my research this morning and conversations with digital marketing people over the years, here are my 4 good reasons on why you should write a blog for your business:


  1. Say ‘Hi’ to your existing and potential new clients in a discreet way. Sometimes it’s hard and time consuming to reach out to your network just to let them know you’re still there, so a blog is a good way to let them know you’re here, and hopefully share some useful information and/or likeminded views along the way.
  2. Brand awareness… Shout about some good stuff, positive feel good news or info. In a competitive market it’s good to stand out from the crowd, be at the forefront of someone’s mind for when they next require a business like yours.
  3. Stand out from the crowd! Get noticed, create some noise! No one likes a show-off, or a business who tell everyone how amazing they are compared to their competitors, but perhaps through a well thought out and informative blog, you can convey your knowledge and market knowhow without being a show-off.
  4. SEO (Yawn!) – In simple terms it directs people to your website that will then hopefully convert to leads and then sales, or in my case, new clients and/or candidates. It is the most common reason why I was asked to write blogs but also the most boring, but I’ve been told so many times I’m guessing it works, but please don’t ask me about SEO, I’d rather talk about DIY!


So, in short, blogs work. They aren’t the make or break of most businesses, but they will enable you to reach a larger audience and grow your network.


So, have I nailed it? I’ve written my first blog, about a blog… Hmm… Something which I know very little about, but I hear is very good for business. I might even write another one…


Now, over to you? Who’s next?




Author: Will Gennard | will@talenthive.co.uk