Q&A with the Bosses: An Inside Look at Talent Hive, Hospitality Recruitment Specialists

There’s a lot of general chit chat in Talent Hive HQ day to day, but it's not every day that you get to sit down with the Head Honchos of Talent Hive. I sat down and had a candid conversation with Adrian Pate, Director, and Will Gennard, Managing Director of Talent Hive, talking about life, love (of recruitment), and everything in between. So let's dive in.

Starting from Scratch

I kicked off by chatting to the pair about the origins of Talent Hive. Adrian, who is a seasoned hotel industry veteran, recalls his transition into recruitment was with surprising ease, thanks to his past experiences.

He explains "I loved my time in hotels, and the interaction I had with people from all walks of life. I began with Talent Hive as a 360 recruitment consultant and am now a Director within the business, heading up my own team of recruiters, specialising in the hotel sector."

Over on Will's side of the hive, the tale is a bit spicier. With a decade of kitchen work under his belt and another seven in recruitment, he fancied something fresh. Will, therefore, founded Talent Hive to serve a niche market with only a few hospitality businesses to start.

The 'Eureka' Moments

Will & Adrian have had their share of 'eureka' moments throughout their time with Talent Hive so far. For Adrian, it was during the challenging lockdown months of 2020. Despite the economic downturn, clients stuck with Talent Hive which was testament to the teams hard work and successful placements pre-pandemic.

As Adrian puts it, "That spoke volumes of the work we have put in that clients still thought there was value in us providing candidates over looking at alternative, cheaper options."

Will, meanwhile, feels pride at the memory of a time when Talent Hive needed no introduction. "By year three, our name became recognised; such a good feeling to get to this point after starting the business on my own with no support," he recalls.

Pearls of Wisdom

Every journey comes with its lessons, and Talent Hive is no exception. If Will & Adrian were going to give the younger versions of themselves a tip from their older, wiser selves, it would be this.

"I thought that education was everything when I was younger and that I wouldn't have a "successful career" without a good education. Education is important, but I think working hard is the main thing," says Adrian.

More key for a successful hospitality career than education in his opinion is grit, common sense, and sector knowledge.

Will seconds that motion, adding that "big isn't necessarily better. Grow your business organically and cherry-pick the right clients to work with, those whose values align with yours."

The Recipe for a Successful Recruiter

When I asked what makes the best recruiter, Adrian said he believed the four key traits of a great recruiter are tenacity, common sense, sector expertise, and personability. He adds that making the time and effort to speak with people and confidently discuss pertinent topics also holds immense power.

Will also emphasises the fundamental role of initiative, drive, and tenacity in achieving success in recruitment.

Tackling the 'Mental' Side of Things

But what about dealing with the inevitable stress that comes with the job? A massive topic in 2023 and something we are very passionate about at Talent Hive, working with The Burnt Chef Project on lots of projects & fundraising events to help get the resources out there to those that need them in the hospitality industry.

Adrian touches on the mental health first aiders course through "The Burnt Chef Project." that they have signed up to. He also emphasises on maintaining an open-door communication policy with the teamand creating a work environment that encourages the team to share their concerns or worries easily.

Will adds that Talent Hive also promotes flexible working hours, hybrid working, extended annual leave, and workplace ‘Mental Health First Aiders’. He does note that there is always more that can be done, so watch this space!

The Road Ahead

Looking to the future, both directors feel optimistic. "We have great clients giving us great opportunities to recruit," said Adrian. "There are other markets we would like to explore."

Will, on the other hand, is all about sticking to what they do best. He believes that "happy candidates, clients, and team members are paramount, and with that, the rest will fall into place."

Life Outside the Hive

Adrian, a father of two and roller-coaster enthusiast (big kid), would probably be a hotel General Manager if he hadn't chosen the recruitment path.

On the other hand, Will reckons he'd still be "shaking pots and pans in a kitchen," which he admits missing 17 years on. But with two kids under five and a love for festivals and holidays (he’s only off to Glastonbury isn’t he – only mentioned it a couple of times…), it's clear he's now found a perfect balance between his work at Talent Hive and his home life.

Wrapping up this insightful conversation, it's clear that the Talent Hive teams expertise and experience in the field have made us a force to be reckoned with in the hospitality recruitment industry. Will and Adrian's dedication to providing quality service and valuing clients and employees helps set us apart. So watch this space — the hive will only get busier!





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