Choose a partner, not a supplier

I’ve always thought of myself as a partner to the business I’m recruiting for. It’s how I’ve always worked. Sometimes I may ask lots of questions or keep people on the phone for an extra 2 minutes to understand something in a little more detail, but that’s how I think things should be.

With each of our partners, I try to have conversations about the history, culture and values of the school/company and when working alongside, see myself as an extended arm to the operation.

This may not be how some of my clients see things as for some of them I’m sure, Talent Hive is a supplier and once the transaction ends, so does the contact. That’s fine.

But if you are a client, and do work with recruitment suppliers… a recruitment partner is so much more valuable. We can offer much more than being a CV finder, with  offering things such as market insight and business support. Building a relationship in which you can work together to find the right candidate rather than working against is surely better for everyone?

Salary, Job Title and a JD probably doesn’t cut it anymore unfortunately. To find the right person there’s so much more information we need.

When discussing opportunities with job hunters we have to know what we’re talking about. We have to know the culture, growth plans, key achievements and it’s through these detailed briefs and conversations that we build a profile of the business. Let’s be honest, it makes you more attractive to the gold star candidates.

With this in mind, many hours go into researching the operation, understanding the roles and their responsibilities and then delivering this in a professional way.

At Talent Hive we like to work with individuals, companies and schools that care about detail as much as we do and hope that when we are given an opportunity, we work with trust and honesty to ensure the best candidates are found. And everyone’s goes home happy!

– Tom

Handshaking Partners