At Talent Hive, we believe that you can never be too prepared for an interview.

Our team want you to enter any hospitality or catering interview with as much confidence as possible to make sure you land your dream job. Our industry specialists have created a useful list of tips and advice to help you to pursue your career.

1. Research Yourself

This one might seem a bit silly but knowing yourself inside out is key when it comes to any interview. You want to be prepared for any question that your potential employer might throw your way, so knowing your CV’s finer details is crucial.

Brush up on mentions of any experience you’ve had in the catering or hospitality industry to prove you have the knowledge and skills suitable for the job.

2. Research the Company

Knowing a whole load of information about the company is essential but going the extra mile might make you stand out just that little bit more. Look into what the role entails, recent news from the organisation and past events they may have attended or hosted.

Choosing a few traits of the company which you find appealing is a sure-fire way to prove your knowledge. For catering and hospitality roles, focus on events or appearances which have involved their work. Compliment them on their performance too for extra brownie points.

3. Look the Part

There’s nothing worse than turning up for your interview looking untidy and unprofessional. Although you might be unsure about how formal or informal the company is, it’s always a safe bet to be looking your best. Dress for the role which is one above the one you’re applying for to show a desire to succeed.

4. Arrive Early. Stay Calm.

The well-known saying goes “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and we couldn’t agree more. The day before your interview, plan your journey and factor in extra time for any mishaps which may occur along the way. Remember that your potential employers are humans too and everyone experiences nerves; smile, speak clearly and stay level headed.

5. Ask Your Own Questions

Using your own initiative and asking your own questions is a great way to show how interested you are in a position. As a guide, we suggest preparing a minimum of five questions to ask as the interview draws to a close. Think about further information regarding the role and touch on the goals and culture of the company as well.

What to Avoid During Your Interview

1. Missing any of the above

2. Lying

Although it’s tempting, it doesn’t work. By all means gloss over the unflattering things. But out-right fibbing NEVER pays.

3. Talking about salary too soon

Don’t jump the gun regarding salary. Wait until the interviewer gets to know you a bit and or asks you about it before you start talking about it. If you only want the job because of the money, it will show and hurt your chances of getting the job. The company isn’t going to give the job to the person who is only in it for the money. While it is completely reasonable to negotiate your salary, make sure you do it at the right time.

4. Badmouthing a former boss/company

Nothing will make you look worse than talking badly about a former boss or place of employment. If you talk badly about your previous employer, chances are you will talk badly about this company if you get hired. Nobody likes a gossip. Plus you never know who knows who so it’s best to keep your personal business personal.

5. Not listening carefully

Last but no means least, in fact the most important if you are to succeed. If you don’t listen to what questions the interviewer is asking you, you are basically saying that what you think is more important that the question they are asking. Make sure to listen to exactly what they are asking and answer the right question. If you don’t listen carefully during the interview, you will probably not be great at following direction on the job.

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