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Talenthive have partnered with LoveBrum to help Build a Better Birmingham

What is LoveBrum?

LoveBrum is a registered charity that supports hidden gem projects across Birmingham that are often volunteer led and that deliver real change, with outcomes that can be seen, measured, enjoyed, and loved.

They support the ‘hard-to-reach’ projects; those causes that do not receive the platform or funding that they probably deserve. LoveBrum aim to support over 36 projects per year, and to reach out to all corners of the city to remind people how great Birmingham is.

Every penny raised from individual memberships and fundraising stays in Birmingham and goes straight to the chosen causes. The charity encourage everyone to get involved and unite businesses and individuals across Birmingham.


If you’re not already aware of the amazing work LoveBrum has done, and continue to do, for Birmingham and the surrounding areas you have to check out their website. 

Talent Hive are proud to be supporting the team and their many volunteers to build an even better Birmingham.

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