What is the Average Salary for Head Chefs?

/ / What is the Average Salary for Head Chefs?

Becoming a head chef is a dream career for many people, and it is no secret that finding a vacancy in the catering and hospitality industry is extremely competitive. In 2015 it was thought that there were 2.8 million jobs in this industry throughout the UK. Similarly to most job roles and careers, becoming an Executive Chef takes years of experience and practice.

Each individual chef’s salary will depend on their level, experience, the location of the UK they work in, and the venue they are working in. For example, a Head Chef at a luxury hotel restaurant will earn a better salary than a chef in a chain pub kitchen. In this blog, we’ll look at the expected salary for each level in the kitchen for each area. For more information on how to become a chef, you can check out our guide here.

The Average Head Chef Salary across the UK

Edinburgh£28,850£19,093 – £35,000
Newcastle Upon Tyne£29,026£25,856 – £32,000
Leeds£24,449£21,000 – £26,000
Manchester£23,489£23,489 – £31,124
Birmingham£25,703£22,700 – £27,700
London£32,143£25,000 – £72,500
Cardiff£21,000£17,605 – £22,622
Bournemouth£28,856£25,000 – £34,000
Brighton£27,000£23,000 – £31,125

Salaries for Chef related roles

RoleAverageSalary RangeHourly
Head Chef £32,500£27,000​-​£36,250£10.00
Line Chef£16,000£12,000 – £20,483£8.62
Junior Sous Chef£27,000£23,000​-​£29,000£7.92
Sous Chef£25,000£24,449​-​£29,000£8.25
Commis Chef£21,000£18,579​-​£23,000£7.35


Most chefs receive an hourly wage for their work, and salaries vary in different depending on which venue you work at. For example, a role at a luxury michelin-starred restaurant will earn more than a basic-wage role in a small cafe or chain pub.

The more experience you get in your career, the more jobs you can and should apply for. There are always promotions and ways to expand your career as a chef, and once you have reached the Head Chef role, you could even think of opening your own restaurant.

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