5 Ways to Retain Employees

/ / 5 Ways to Retain Employees

Countless times we get asked ‘why do we have such a high turnover of staff?’, ‘what can we do to prevent this?’, our view is that financial rewards are a short-term solution, so why not try alternative initiatives that will have a longer-lasting effect? And why not be creative when doing so? This is a few ideas we’ve come up with…

  1. An annual company mini-music festival or gig, held within company hours.
  2. Team rewards whereby the top level managers/directors replace the winning teams working day, whilst the rewarded team enjoys a day out at the companies expense.
  3. Initiate a walking, running, or other type of exercise club.
  4. Invite top performers to attend a special field trip, educational but with an element of reward.
  5. Contract a wellness or health coach to come on-site, healthy body = healthy mind.