Green Shoots

As I’ve previously mentioned, coming back to work was long overdue. It’s been great to catch up with people up and down the country to hear their lockdown stories, worries, successes and hopes for the future.

We feel it’s time to reach out, connect and get the economy going again. We’re positive about what the future holds and with the schools now back in action, we would love to speak to new & existing clients to discuss your recruitment plans for the coming year.

I’ve had many conversations already and the general feeling was positive. People were fired up and  ready to go for the new academic year and what 2021 could bring. If all goes well for the remainder of this year, some of my clients feel next year could be extremely busy with hospitality and events hopefully coming back strong. I think the market has already started moving in the right direction with schools already recruiting for key positions.

So if you are looking to restructure the Finance department, introduce a new position into the Human Resources team or find someone for a short-term contract in Maintenance, we can certainly support on finding the right person.

Having operated within the education sector for 10+ years, we fully understand the needs and expectations of our clients and our candidates, effectively supporting and helping them in finding the best employees and career opportunities.

– Tom

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